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This competition invites citizens to submit proposals for innovative projects aimed at fighting climate change and increasing urban resilience by:

  • - Reducing pollution;
  • - Reducing emissions from transport;
  • - Protecting green spaces; or
  • - Reducing solid waste.


The challenge has an urban focus since cities are major contributors to climate change and also face dramatic risks from its consequences, including floods and extreme weather events.

Currently, more than 60% of the country’s population live in urban centres, with approximately 30% in Skopje alone. The capital is home to most of the country’s economic activity and generates most of its energy-related emissions. Steady urbanization is putting heavy pressure on natural resources, threatening clean water with sewage, clean air with pollution, and green spaces with urban sprawl. 

Objective of the competition 

The main aim of the competition is to encourage individuals to propose innovative ways to reduce their impact on the climate and to increase urban resilience.

The proposed solutions will ideally bring visible results, such as a new service for citizens or support for more efficient provision of existing services to increase urban resilience to climate change.


The most innovative idea will be awarded with a grant of $10,000, of which $1,000 will be given as a cash prize and $9,000 will be granted to the winner in the form of in-kind contributions to translate the idea into the prototype of a solution. This includes technological support, mentoring, and help in finding partners who might be interested in adopting the solution or funding further development.

The intellectual property rights will remain with the innovator, who is encouraged to register the trademark of his or her solution. However, the organizers hold the right to use or scale up the solutions for the purposes of their own projects, in agreement with the innovators.


All Macedonian citizens are eligible to submit proposals for the competition.

Proposals that are scalable at national level will be awarded special attention.


In order to ensure a transparent selection process, all proposals will be assessed in accordance with the same set of selection criteria, which are attached to these Guidelines.

In order to be successful, you should keep the selection criteria in mind when developing your proposal.

The selection will be conducted in three phases and the winners will be chosen by a selection panel that consists of representatives from UNDP, USAID, the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje, relevant state institutions, national academia, international experts and the private sector. The phases of the selection process are outlined below:

  1. All proposals received on time will be submitted for pre-assessment. Any proposals that do not fulfil the eligibility criteria will be rejected at this stage.
  2. Pre-assessed proposals will be evaluated by a selection panel. The selection panel will shortlist a minimum of 6 proposals with the greatest potential, based on the quality of the ideas.
  3. The teams whose proposals are shortlisted will participate in a 2-day prototyping event to develop and improve their solutions into workable prototypes.
  4. At the end of the prototyping event, all teams will pitch their solutions to the selection panel, who will select one winning solution.
  5. The winning solution will be provided financial and other necessary support to develop the first workable prototype.


Contestants should complete the online application form accessible on the challenge website and provide clear answers to each of the questions. Each contestant will receive confirmation that their proposal has been received. Submissions can be entered in Macedonian or English language.


1. Call for Ideas

6 April 2016 – 1 June 2016

All Macedonian citizens who have an innovative idea are invited to apply to the open call for ideas. The ideas should be submitted online through the online form on Examples of innovation projects of similar scope and value from around the world will be regularly shared on the website to stimulate ideas and to motivate interested citizens to think differently.

2. Ideas evaluated by Selection Panel - A two-step selection process 

June 2016

The Selection Panel will make a long list of proposals that meet the minimum criteria and call applicants to a pitching event.

After the pitching event, up to 10 best shortlisted applications will be selected by the jury and will be invited to attend the Prototyping event.

3. Prototyping event!

mid June 2016

The prototyping event is an open space meeting. The event will last 2 days, allowing at least 48 hours for the teams to work on the development of their ideas. The aim of the event is to transform a set of early-stage concepts into prototypes in 48 hours. Teams will be organized in advance. Each individual or team whose idea is selected for development during the event will get a mentor and technical assistance from developers and designers (or others where necessary). 

3a. Prototype pitching

By the end of the 48 hours, teams are expected to come up with a basic working model for a new venture. The event will close with a Show and Tell pitching competition and prizes will be awarded for the winning ideas that demonstrate the greatest potential to create real change. One idea will be awarded with a $10,000 grant. The award will be granted to the winner in cash and through in-kind contributions for the development of their prototypes.

4. Start of the venture and follow-up

 July - December 2016

The prototyping event is all about creating the relationships needed to start new projects, and we hope that the proposed ideas will not end with the event. The winning team will continue to get support from the challenge organizers and mentors until the solution is finalized and deployed.